Music is so powerful—it can make you feel happy, calm, and peaceful. It can also bring back memories. Indeed, music has transformative power. And this is why seniors can benefit a lot from music. How?

1. Keeps the Brain Young

It may sound cliche, but it’s true: music does indeed keep the brain young. Many people think of music as a passion or a hobby for young people. But having music is just as influential—if not more powerful—for seniors.

For those who are not familiar with the term “neuroplasticity,” the brain is made up of a multitude of neural connections—which are strengthened or weakened as a person engages with his environment. It is the brain’s ability to make new neural connections.

For example, think of it as a game of tug-of-war. In this game, the brain “pulls” on the brain’s neurons to strengthen these neural connections, while the environment pulls on the brain’s neurons to “weaken” these neural connections.

Over time, the brain creates more neural connections, forming new pathways that eventually become the brain’s “new normal.”

As the brain gets older, it has fewer neural connections and gets “harder” for the brain to learn.

However, with music, it’s the opposite. 

In a sense, music is like a physical workout for the brain. Music does not require just the brain—it requires the entire body. Indeed, every muscle in the body is engaged when you listen to music. This “vigorous” activity is like a “physical workout” for the brain.

2. Improves Memory

Memory is an important part of keeping the brain “young.” (In fact, memory is considered one of the key indicators of the brain’s age.) Many people think of memory as something that declines as the brain gets older. However, listening to music is a “mental workout” for the brain.

Indeed, listening to music actually improves attention, processing speed, and memory. This is why many senior centers use music as a tool to offset the natural decline of memory.

If you are a senior, make sure to listen to music. Allow the music to play in the background. You can also try to sing along to your favorite songs. Music has the potential to “recharge your brain.”

3. Boosts Mental Health

As people live longer, the rate of depression and anxiety also increases. There are a lot of reasons why people develop depression and anxiety. However, one of the main “culprits” is attributed to the brain’s natural decline.

When people get older, it is harder for them to “connect” with their environment. As a result, they get more depressed.

Music can help significantly with this problem. Music has the power to “connect” with people. When people listen to music, their brains are flooded with dopamine. This chemical is believed to be the “happiness hormone.”

Listen to Tunes

Music has the power to keep the brain young. It can even rejuvenate the brain. If you are a senior, make sure to listen to your favorite songs.

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